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Family Embrace

The idea behind the Family Advocacy Network (FAN) was to create a network of advocates for families with maternal or child health issues. NPA hopes to accomplish this goal by providing a forum to give a voice to families and support group representatives throughout the country. We feel this can be done in the following ways:

  • Spreading the word about the unique emotional, psychological, cultural, financial and long term implications of raising children who begin life in at-risk circumstances.
  • Ensuring the rights of families in the decision making process about their children.
  • Being a clearinghouse for support groups by collecting data on existing groups and sharing resources, training materials, and information among these groups.

FAN is a unique source of information for families, family advocates, support groups and individual consumers. As an organization, NPA is very interested in including the parental perspective in their publications and conferences.

My involvement with NPA and FAN has given me a link to other support groups, and to parent advocates, that has been invaluable to me as a family advocate at our hospital and in my community

FAN has compiled a list of parent support groups throughout the country. A data base of these groups gives information about each listed group. Contact information makes it possible for parents to access information about a support group in their community.

The data base will provide contact information to support group leaders so that they will be able to network, to come together and learn from one another, as well as share information and resources. NPA needs and wants to hear the parents voice and looks forward to new interactions and associations with community allies.

F.A.N. Chair

- Becky F. Hatfield

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