History of the NPA

NPA traces its roots to an enthusiastic group of perinatal champions in the Wisconsin Perinatal Association, which initiated the coordination of perinatal health professionals and advocates in the Midwest, forming the Great Plains Association of Perinatal Care.  From those beginnings, the National Perinatal Association gradually took shape.

In 1977, NPA incorporated as a 501c3 organization and produced its first position paper, which was submitted to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, as well as to Congress.

Over the next 40 years, the organization expanded in both scope and focus through:

  • Program expansion,  
  • Enlargement of the Board 
  • Improved membership services
  • Growth in public policy influence with increased visibility, and
  • Innovative collaborations with other organizations in the perinatal area.

Today, NPA encompasses 50 states and has formed coalitions with state perinatal associations and numerous other nonprofit organizations.

Then, as now, we are driven by members dedicated to fostering optimal perinatal health by promoting education, supporting research, and influencing national priorities.  

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