Pamela A. Geller, PhD

Research Committee Co-Chair

Pamela A. Geller, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training/Clinical Psychology PhD program at Drexel University, and Research Associate Professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology at Drexel's College of Medicine. I am honored to serve on the Executive Council of the National Network of NICU Psychologists (NNNP) and to chair the NNNP Research committee. For over 25 years, my research has focused on psychological aspects of adverse events surrounding pregnancy and childbirth, such as infertility, pregnancy loss, and NICU hospitalization. At Drexel, I am co-founder and co-director of Mother Baby Connections, an interdisciplinary, intensive outpatient mental health program for pregnant and postpartum women experiencing anxiety and depression and their infants. With a Visiting Professorship in Neonatology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, I collaborate with colleagues on addressing the experiences of NICU parents with projects relevant to parental distress and adjustment, and nurse education. I also am proud to serve as the founding faculty supervisor for the newly formed National Perinatal Association Student Society (NPASS) at Drexel.

Rochelle Steinwurtzel, PsyD

Research Committee Co-Chair

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