Interdisciplinary Guidelines

A core focus of NPA is convening experts and partner organizations to share critical information, craft integrated positions and policy recommendations.

In some instances, this results of the development of, and advocacy for, multidisciplinary care guidelines that reflect best-available practices and thinking on important perinatal care issues.

IN FOCUS:  NPA Respiratory Syncytial Virus Prevention Guidelines

The NPA has just completed and published the 2018 Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Prevention Clinical Practice Guideline: An Evidence-Based Interdisciplinary Collaboration. For more information on RSV, access to the updated guidelines and additional resources click here.

Oxygen Management for Preterm Infants

Oxygen-Management-For-Preterm-Infants-2011 12-12-13.pdf

Late Preterm Infant Guidelines

The NPA has worked in collaboration with many partners across the spectrum of care, to create multidisciplinary guidelines that provide evidence-based recommendations for the care of late preterm infants – an at-risk, but underserved group. Learn more here.
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