NPA's commitment to Family Support is exemplified by our

Family Advocacy Network 

The Family Advocacy Network (FAN) champions collaborative relationships between families and the medical professions who care for them. 

FAN brings together family advocates from every arena of maternal-infant care to share their ideas and cultivate their talents as we address the medical, educational, and psychosocial needs of families. 

Join us as we work together to bring real, measurable, and substantive progress in the implementation of family-centered care.

                                                    Co-Chairs: Cheryl Milford, MEd. and Erika Goyer

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Are you a parent who is interested in perinatal advocacy issues? The National Perinatal Association  is uniquely committed to developing, promoting, and elevating parent voices - and leadership. This is done by including parent leaders at our annual conferences, in our interdisciplinary workgroups, and through parent participation on NPA's Board of Directors. Your participation with NPA can be funded, in part, by a needs-based scholarship. Email Erika Goyer to learn more about the Hatfield and Hynan Parent Scholarship program and how you can apply. 

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Thank you to those who joined us for our FREE seminar on Removing Barriers: What You Need to Know about Perinatal Care for Women with Disabilities.

Moderated by Erika Goyer, FAN Co-Chair

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"In the ideal NICU, psychosocial support of both NICU parents and staff should be 
goals equal in importance to the health and development of babies."

       - Hynan MT & Hall SL. "Introduction: Psychosocial Program Standards for NICU Parents." J Perinatol Supplement Dec. 2015.

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