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Student Society

NPASS is the National Perinatal Association's Student Society.

NPA is the only interdisciplinary organization for perinatal professionals.

We bring together people from diverse disciplines in perinatal care to share, listen, and learn from each other.

Are you a student or trainee? We have a special offer for you.

Because we're committed to growing a strong, diverse community of perinatal caregivers and advocates, NPA offers you discounted membership and conference registration.


NPASS welcomes students from all disciplines, whether they are involved health care, psychology, social work, health policy, or any other field related to perinatal health.


NPASS is the first ever student organizational branch of the National Perinatal Association. It brings a unique blend of interdisciplinary education, scholarship, advocacy, and service to your academic community.


Like its parent organization, NPASS is dedicated to promoting the most recent evidence-based practices and advocating for our patients and their families in the modern healthcare environment.


NPASS chapters support emerging leaders, create mentorship opportunities, and promote interdisciplinary collaboration as a means of improving perinatal care communities. 

To find out more about bringing NPASS to your community.


NICU Cuddler Guide to Support Neuroprotection

Student leaders at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

  • Katherine Balton, OTS

  • Siham Bennis, OTS

  • Ariane Mallon, OTS

  • Pascale Saad, OTS

  • Isabel Salazar, OTS


collaborated with NPA board members and NPASS Advisors

Jessica Restivo, MS/OTR/L, Director of Outreach for NPASS
Jenene Woods Craig PhD, MBA, OTR/L, CNT
Brigitte C. Desport, DPS, ATP, OTR/L 
to create their "NICU Cuddler Guide." This guide helps volunteers gain a fuller appreciation of their role in the NICU setting and the long-lasting developmental benefits they support.

NPASS_NICU Cuddler Initiative.png


Salus Sept  2021.png

Salus University

September 2021

BCM June 2021.png

Baylor College of Medicine

June 2021

NPASS_DMC_Aug 2020.png

Downstate Health Science University

August 2020

Baylor Summer 2019.png

Baylor College of Medicine

Summer 2019

SUNY Fall 2018.jpg

Downstate Health Science University

May 2018

Baylor Summer 2018.jpg

Baylor College of Medicine

Summer 2018

Baylor Summer 2017.jpg

Baylor College of Medicine

August 2017

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