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The National Perinatal Association promotes evidence-based practices in perinatal care.

We collaborate on interdisciplinary position statements, guidelines, recommendations, and publications.

Then we host conferences, convene summits, and produce media to share what we've learned with our community.



We partner with the members of our communities who are most in need of advocacy and support.

We meet with them, listen to them, learn from them, and embrace their leadership capacities.

Then we work together to improve outcomes - and ensure justice for pregnant people, infants, and families.



We've read the research. We know the evidence. And we know what works.

NPA doesn't seek to replicate the work of other researchers, advocates, organizations, or individuals.

Instead, our mission is to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration so that ALL of US can benefit from each other's experience and expertise.


Interdisciplinary Guidelines and Recommendations for NICU Discharge Preparation and Transition Planning

published in the Journal of Perinatology   
Volume 42 | Supplement 1
February 15, 2022

Who We Are

Our diverse membership is comprised of healthcare professionals, parents & caregivers, educators, and service providers - all driven by our desire to support and advocate for babies and families.  



What We Do

NPA brings together people who are interested in perinatal care to share, to listen, and to learn from each other.

How We Define the Perinatal Period

NEW perinatal timeline (1900 × 400 px) .png

Programs and Initiatives

Our programs and initiatives bring together individuals and organizations with a shared purpose to give voice to the needs of pregnant people, infants, their families, and their healthcare providers. We believe that by working together collectively, we can have a greater positive impact on perinatal care than if we work alone.

Interdisciplinary Guidelines

We believe that when we know better,

we do better. So we bring together parents and providers to review and evaluate the evidence. Then we publish interdisciplinary guidelines and recommendations that bring the best evidence into everyday practice.



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