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NICU Awareness Month

September is NICU Awareness Month

NICU families need support.


Every year, more than half-a-million families will be admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). This means that 1 in 8 families will experience the unique traumas and the unique joys that come with giving birth to a baby who has special healthcare needs.

Whether their baby’s stay is brief or long, uncomplicated or complex, a NICU stay changes how parents care for their infants and what their family's journey will look like as they transition to their life after the NICU.

Members of the National Perinatal Association are aware of and attuned to these needs. And we want to meet families where they are with the services and supports that they need to adapt, adjust, and thrive together with their babies.

Did you know?

NICU Mental Health

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Transitioning from NICU to Home

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