As our community faces a new and novel virus we need to be prepared - not just for the virus but to address people's anxieties and fears

One of the most important things we can do as providers and advocates is to empower people with information.


When we all have the facts it's easier to make informed decisions.


We can help address anxieties and fears by:


  • acknowledging that everyone's concerns are valid

  • sharing our own experiences and reactions

  • explaining proven public health responses

  • promoting the evidence 

  • dispelling the myths

  • modelling healthy behaviors


Use the resources listed here to support your efforts. 


  • Por favor, ayúdenos a traducir estos recursos.

  • لطفا در ترجمه این منابع به ما کمک کنید.

  • Alraja' musaeadatana fi tarjamat hadhih almawarid.

  • Kirapā karakē inhāṁ sarōtāṁ dā anuvāda karana vica sāḍī sahā'itā karō.

  • Thov pab peb txhais cov peev txheej no.

  • Hãy giúp chúng tôi dịch các tài nguyên này.

  • 이 자료를 번역하도록 도와주세요.


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