Psychologists in the NICU

Psychologists in the NICU is focused on providing information relevant to the growing role of psychologists working in NICUs.  Information that can be accessed includes:

    • Discussions of activities of NICU Psychologists
    • Tools & Assessments used by NICU Psychologists
    • Articles written by NICU Psychologists

NICU Psychologist Consulting Calls

Psychologists in the group below have participated in telephone discussions regarding their work. Recordings of some of these discussions can be accessed on our NICU Psychologist Consulting Calls page for anyone interested. It is our hope that this information will serve both as a source for discussion of expanding psychosocial services in the NICU and as a mentoring resource for beginning NICU psychologists.

Communication regarding this group can be addressed to Michael Hynan, member of the NPA board of directors, at


    • Zina Steinberg: Columbia Presbyterian, New York City
    • Susan Kraemer: Columbia Presbyterian, New York City
    • Tiffany N. Willis: Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO
    • Graciela Nearing: Miami Children's Hospital
    • Chavis Patterson: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)
    • Pam Geller: Drexel Univ. and CHOP
    • Joanna Cole: CHOP
    • Casey Hoffman-Craven: CHOP
    • Cheryl Milford: Cheryl Milford Consulting, Huntington Beach, CA
    • Stephen Lassen: University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, MO
    • Sondra Marshall: St. Charles Health Care, Bend, OR
    • Sage Saxton: Oregon Health and Sciences Univ., Portland, OR
    • Amy Baughcum: Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus OH
    • Wendy Laakmann: Oregon Health and Sciences Univ., Portland, OR
    • Anna Quigg: Cox Medical, Springfield, MO
    • Beth Buckingham: Indianapolis Community Hospitals
    • Shelly Steinwurtzel: Columbia Presbyterian, New York City
    • Elizabeth Roberts: NYU Child Study Center
    • Michelle Green: Rush NICU, Chicago, IL
    • Rebecca Vivrette, University of Maryland

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