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NICU Community Roundtable Series: Improving the Transition from NICU to Home

Updated: 3 days ago

JOIN US for a 2-Part Discussion on Improving NICU Discharge Preparation and Transition Planning


We all want the best for the NICU families we serve.

Ultimately, our goal is to send babies home healthier and stronger than when they came to us.

But first, we need to assure that their families have the knowledge, technical skills, emotional comfort, and confidence that caring for their infants demands.

So how do we set you and the families in your care up for success?

NPA and AngelEye Health have collaborated to deliver NEW guidance and tools to support clinicians and families as they transition from NICU to home.


Part 1 of our special NICU Community Roundtable:

We shared what we've learned from parents and care teams about the discharge process and offered new insights and perspectives about NICU discharge coordination and the transition to home and community. 

Then you brought your insights and experience to the discussion.

CLICK HERE to see Part-1 in our series.

Share in our collective wisdom as we address the discharge dilemma together.


Part 2 of our NICU Community Roundtable:

Tuesday, July 23 at noon - 1:00 pm central

We can use something that nearly every NICU family has available - their mobile devices - to improve the discharge coordination process.

Then contribute your valuable expertise.

Let’s share what we know about equipping care teams, empowering families, and improving outcomes.



Collaborate with other NICU Family Advocates and meet new allies.

Jaylee Hilliard


NICU Parent

Sr. Dir. of Clinical Strategy

AngelEye Health

Craig Garfield


Neonatal Hospitalist

Co-Founder and Co-PI


Kristy Love

NICU Parent

Family Advocate

Executive Director


Hear how we're using new tools and technology to efficiently and effectively support families and their care teams.


The National Perinatal Association (NPA) is an interdisciplinary organization of professionals, parents, students, and advocates.

MISSION: We bring together people who are interested in perinatal care to share, to listen, and to learn from each other.

VISION: We are building a community where all voices are heard with equity and respect as we work to improve perinatal care - TOGETHER.


AngelEye Health is advancing NICU care by equipping care teams with tools

that optimize workflow while empowering families through a comprehensive suite

of technologies.

We go beyond camera engagement solutions by providing a robust platform that integrates families into the care team more effectively.

Our trusted solutions enable a powerful ecosystem that fosters a family-centered approach, focusing on the patient's well-being throughout the NICU journey.

Since 2013, AngelEye has partnered with hundreds of hospitals across the US,

Canada, EU, and Australia and boasts a retention rate of over 98% since our founding.

We are committed to continuous innovation, shaping the NICU of the future where technology empowers families, optimizes care, and leads to the best possible outcomes for neonates.

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